Morocco is the latest country to join FIFCO

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Morocco is the latest country to join FIFCO

It is with great please that the International Federation of Corporate Football (FIFCO), announces the membership of 2 Brothers Communication of Morocco as its newest member.

“The addition of Morocco to our membership base represents an important turning point for our organisation,” said Albert Zbily, President of FIFCO, “with their rich tradition in African Football, it should translate to excellent competition and an increase in regional interest of corporate football.”

2 Brothers Director General, Mr. Imad Mahassine, confirmed the popularity of corporate football in Morocco is in strong growth and their presence has been expanding across the country for the past few years.

“Our approach to corporate football is no different than any other country, we are interested in getting companies involved in the four corners of the country,” said Imad Mahassine, “we are looking forward to our national championship and our winning team representing their firm, but also our country in the next level of championship.”

FIFCO is the world governing body of Corporate Football and headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Our aim is to build the World Corporate Champions Cup and to promote our core values around the world. Follow us at

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