Montreal (19 Aug) The International Federation of Corporate Football (FIFCO) is proud to announce the appointment of Karim Moghaddam as Director of Tournament Development for Corporate Beach Football.

Karim, an Iranian National and the founder of Beach Football in Iran, has accepted an appointment with FIFCO to put in place Corporate Beach Football on the map.  As a former Head Coach of the Iranian National Team – Karim brings over 15 years of experience in Beach Football to the organisation.

“This is a great addition,” said Albert ZBILY, president of FIFCO during a recent visit to Tehran. “I believe Karim will bring a new dimension to corporate football in Asia and in particular on the global scene.  This is still a relatively new sport, why not let it flourish amongst our members,” he continued.

“I am delighted to join forces with FIFCO,” said Karim Moghaddam, “FIFCO presents itself above all other amateur organisations and delivers quality programming throughout its membership base.”

Karim holds a beach football coaching license from the AFC and FIFA and is an instructor at the international level. He is the former head coach of the national teams of Iran, Lebanon, Philippines, Kuwait and lately Iraq.

“This is a great game, one that challenges every muscle in our bodies, I believe the corporate level can benefit from beach football,” Karim said after accepting the FIFCO appointment.

“I believe Karim will bring an additional element to our team, which we can all benefit from,” said Glenn Davies, Director General of the Asian Federation of Corporate Football (FAFCO) upon learning of the news.

FIFCO is the world governing body of corporate football since 2009 with its international head quarters in Montreal, Canada.  FIFCO promotes its core values through its premier event the World Corporate Champions Cup series of tournaments.