About us

The International Federation of Corporate Football (FIFCO) was founded in 2008 and officially recognized as a Canadian national non-profit organisation in 2011. FIFCO is the world governing body of corporate football and was founded on our four core guiding principles and values;

Promote a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise
Promote team building
Promote networking
Promote the amateur game


Corporate football growth in 2022


USA Growth in adult participation


FIFCO Membership growth in 2022


Projected growth in 2023



As the world governing body FIFCO operates several important elements to help guide our members.  Our focus is on our ethics in the game, regional development, and tournament growth.  Our goals is to provide an added-value approach to all our members, by standardizing the game and creating synergies for our members clients.

FIFCO holds its annual meeting once a year, where members congregate to set policy, establish the operating budget, and decide on future locations of the World Corporate Champions Cup™.

Strategic development is headed by an executive member and reports to the President’s office on a periodic basis.



Program Fair Play

FIFCO has developed the “Always Play Fair™” programme to encourage and remind its participants the importance of fair play. It encourages corporate football teams and players to embrace the basis set forth by the International FAIR PLAY Committee, to show respect, friendship, team spirit, fair competition, equality, integrity, tolerance and above all joy in participation.

The FIFCO Always Play Fair™ programme recognises excellence in team and player attitudes on and off the pitch.
Do you have an idea to encourage Fair-Play ? Contact us and help us spread the message!


FIFCO Approved

The FIFCO Approved stamp is destined to all ball manufacturers. FIFCO's statues ensures that all FIFCO-sanctioned games by its members use an official match ball with the "FIFCO Approved" logo.

By standardizing the ball, games can all measure up to the same standards. To find out more about the programme - email us for a full guideline to approval.


Albert ZBILY

Albert ZBILY, President


Johnny KAMARIARIS, Vice-President, Finance


Daniel CURCIO, Vice-President, Officiating


Vacant, Vice-President, Tournament Development


Vacant, Director of Corporate Football Academy


Rahman IMRANUR, Vice President, Strategic Development

Board of Directors

Mohammad DADKAN

Mohammad DADKAN,

Albert ZBILY

Albert ZBILY

Jose Manuel BASSAT

Jose Manuel BASSAT