World Corporate Football

Building links, friendships and netwoks through the beautiful game

During the day we work in our
trades and our jobs, but every
once and while, we live out our
dreams and play the game
we love under the colours
we embrace.

Albert ZBILYPresident of FIFCO

Healthy Lifestyle

Team Spirit


Amateur Play

Corporate Social Responsibility is about the employees - change them and they will change the world

FIFCO was born out of a need to create a movement to change our sedentary habits through the sport we love the most.  Football is the most played sport in the world and teaches us valuable skills of team work on and off the field.

By day we are working professionals in our respective trades and careers – but, by night we done the uniforms of our firms and proudly represent our companies, our countries and our core to play football against other likeminded individuals.

who we are

With a worldwide structure in all continents – we are here to build

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Confederation of African Corporate Football – As the industries grow, so will the football


Confederation of North America Corporate Football – In the midst of explosive footballing growth.


Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol Corporativo – At the heart of the latin game.


Asian Federation of Corporate Football – is largest region on earth with the fastest growth in industry and football.


Oceanic Federation of Corporate Football – small and spread out – but football is in the heart.


Union of European Associations of Corporate Football – at the root of the game, the passion is always present.



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Changing of the Guard in India

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Next Destination: Dubai 2021

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