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Montreal (CA) A changing of the guard in India today, as the International Federation of Corporate Football (FIFCO) announces the new partner for India.  Corpsport Arena, a new sports start-up based out of Delhi, who focuses on corporate sporting activities throughout the country will add football to their growing portfolio of services being offered to the corporate community.

“India is a strategic country of over 1.3 billion people. While the game is still in its infancy, bringing in the adult community to play, will leave a lasting legacy in the country for many more to follow,” said Albert Zbily, president of FIFCO.

FIFCO qualifiers were first organized in India for the 2019 World Corporate Champions Cup, that saw Cerner of Bengaluru win the National championship and represented India in Monaco.  Corposport Arena is looking at building on those previous successes and expand it further.  “There is a wonderful opportunity here to expand on the FIFCO values and to get more players, more workers and more companies involved in this beautiful game,” said Gaurav Saharan CEO of Corpsport Arena and former Indian arm-wrestling champion.

India represents an interesting market with over 3000 foreign company affiliate offices and over half a million Indian entities. Our efforts in the past were focused in five main centres, which included Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Kolkata and New Delhi. Moving forward, Corpsport Arena will start building the system to embrace the country into a national championship and an ability to highlight Indian companies and their employees on a world stage.

“We are looking forward to having India becoming a staple in all tournaments with representation from all corporate sectors in all future tournaments” concluded Gaurav Saharan.

India is planning on fielding a representative team to compete at the 2021 FIFCO World Corporate Champions Cup in Dubai in October.

FIFCO is the world governing body of corporate football and was founded in 2009 with its headquarters in Montreal, Canada.  FIFCO is located in over 65 countries and manages 2.5 million players and works with over 150,000 companies worldwide. FIFCO organises the World Corporate Champions Cup tournament series for companies on an annual basis.  Those interested in getting involved with the organisation should consult the website at