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Montreal (CA): In the most recent addition of members to the FIFCO family, Business Liga operating out of Sport Centar in Sarajevo is the newest member to join representing the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. While Ascent Soccer USA has joined as the first Affiliate Member for the state of Connecticut in the United States.

“We are really living in exciting times,” said Albert ZBILY, president of FIFCO. “Adding the Business Liga from the Balkans represents a very strong addition in Europe with a reputable organisation that is committed to quality and service to its members. They embolden very well the FIFCO values,” he concluded.

The Business Liga in Bosnia was founded in 2009 with the need to bring to the business community a way to stay fit and keep active by playing futsal on a regular basis. “During the pandemic, the only outlet we have is to play the sport we love so much. We are happy to have a long tradition of our competition, that will grow and develop further in the future,” said Dino Selimović, representative for Bosnia with FIFCO. “FIFCO is aligned with our membership values and our members are looking forward to participating on the world stage,” he concluded. Dino Selimović has served as CEO of FK Sarajevo (2011-2016), and has been appointed to the European Club Association (ECA) Executive Board, with active roles in its marketing task forces and ECA’s European Club Management (CMP) project.

Ascent Soccer USA delivers programs in Malawi and Uganda that focus on creating better futures through sports — for youth of talent and promise in East Africa. “Joining FIFCO is an excellent way for us to create more opportunities for our corporate partners to get involved, while sharing in our love, and the global impact, of ‘the beautiful game’,” said Adrian Bradbury, co-founder of Ascent Soccer.

Ascent Soccer is our first Affiliate member in the US and represents a new push towards building a larger presence with a national qualifying tournament. “The Americans are very engaged in soccer and in particular the corporate community, this is an excellent push towards building a lasting presence in the US,” concluded Albert Zbily.

FIFCO is the world governing body of corporate football and was founded in 2009 with its headquarters in Montreal, Canada.  FIFCO is located in over 60 countries and manages 2.7 million players and works with over 100,000 companies worldwide. FIFCO organises the World Corporate Champions Cup tournament series for corporate companies on an annual basis.  Those interested in getting involved with the organisation should consult the website at