New Appointment for the Asian Federation of Corporate Football

By December 4, 2018 No Comments

Singapore 4 December 2018 – The International Federation of Corporate Football (FIFCO) announces today the appointment of a new Director General for Asia, Mr. Glenn Davies.

Glenn, an Australian national, has been appointed by Albert ZBILY, president of FIFCO, to head up the Asian Federation of Corporate Football (FAFCO).  Mr. ZBILY made the journey to Singapore to set up the new office of Asian operations and to establish an ongoing presence in Asia.  Mr. Davies, a long-time and passionate footballer, brings a wealth of entrepreneurial skills and a long history of living in the region to the new role.

“It’s a great moment to be in Asia right now, as the two largest markets in world football are right here, we are delighted to be working with such a strong local partner,” said Albert ZBILY during his pass through in Singapore.

Mr. Davies is a serial-entrepreneur working extensively in the biotech industry and a long history of working and developing the Asia region.  Glenn shares the same enthusiasm for football as the rest of the FIFCO family.

“Asia will keep growing its football passions, but corporate football is something that every single working person in the region can relate to. I am very excited about this new challenge,” said Mr. Davies after the appointment to the new position.

FAFCO will be headquartered in Singapore and will be the regional hub for all corporate footballing in the region. FIFCO is the world governing body of corporate football and counts 60 countries with over 2.5 million players worldwide.