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Monaco – After three days of competition, the 2ndedition of the FIFCO World Corporate Champions Cup has come to a close with first time entrant Arman Gohar Sirjan, a mining company from Iran, taking the 2019 title of World Champion.

“A truly magical 3 days of competition and cultural experience,” said Albert ZBILY, president of FIFCO, “when you get to meet people from countries you don’t know very well, you get a chance to peek through the cultural and sporting window into a different world, as far as I am concerned all 16 teams are winners,” he concluded.

The local Monaco representative, the city workers of Monaco started out the tournament with a convincing 6-1 victory over their neighbouring Italian rival represented by the F.I.F.S.  They managed to get through all three days, fighting fatigue and injury only to finish 4thplace in the competition to second year entrant Egypt, represented by SAIBANK.

“This is my second time attending, and it is only getting better,” said Kyle O’Riordan from Dublin, Ireland playing with Elevate Partners this year, “ competition was fierce and I can only be proud to lose against the tournament winners for a second consecutive year.”

“We are so proud to have had the chance to compete at this international competition” said Sandeep Shetty from India, “we have much to learn and to improve, my team played with conviction and determination, this is only the beginning.” Praveen Raju of Team Cerner from India took home the Most Valuable Player award.

While the Iranian team was the heavy favourite coming into this competition, the surprise team was from Cape Verde represented by Radio Televisao Cabo Verde (RTC), who let in the least amount of goals during the group stage and only lost by one goal to Iran in the final. RTC went home with the Prince Albert II of Monaco trophy for their excellent finish.

“We are very proud of the result of our team, but most important of the opportunity to showcase to the world our culture and our team spirit,” said Javid Ramzy, president of the Federation of Amateur and Workers Sport of Iran.

The International Federation of Corporate Football (FIFCO) is the world governing body of corporate football since 2009 and represents over 60 countries and 2.5 million players. FIFCO’s premier event is the World Corporate Champions Cup – the third edition will be announced once the final bidders submit their technical documentation.