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Montreal (CA) – In an official statement today, the president of the International Federation of Corporate Football (FIFCO), Albert ZBILY, announced the signing of new members to the organisation. “It is incredible how one little dream can create so much synergy in the world of this game,” said Mr. ZBILY, “we are continuously pushing all boundaries and all limits in order to bring together all the corporate footballing families under one roof.”

The newest member to come on board hails from Bangladesh with the BGMEA Cup, founded only 5 years ago and regrouping all the garment industry workers in an annual corporate cup.  Mr. Md. Imranur Rahman, one of the most decorated corporate footballers in his country, will head up the new association to represent corporate football in the country. His focus will be to work closely with local corporate teams and lead them to future FIFCO tournaments. “It is never easy to promote the passions of this game in a cricketing country,” said Mr. Rahman, “but I am convinced that more people will embrace this sport wholeheartedly.”

Mr. Rahman is gearing up to have a representative team from Bangladesh to head to the 2020 World Corporate Champions Cup, “we have many successful teams that have participated in several world events, we always end up in the finals,” he concluded.

FIFCO also announces the addition of the UAE, Saudi Arabia and of Turkey are the newest ones to sign up to the world government body.

“We are still very early in 2020, but I believe that we have much more to accomplish and that this year will keep showcasing our values and our goals to our global membership base,” concluded Mr. Zbily.