Montreal (CA) – In the aftermath of the 4th FIFCO World Corporate Champions Cup, FIFCO announced new members coming on board to the Federation.  India, Ireland, Portugal and Morocco, are the newest members to don the FIFCO Flag in their respective countries.

The Global Soccer Conclave becomes the newest member to take over the largest and fastest growing base for corporate football in Southeast Asia. Based in New Delhi, the Global Soccer Conclave is a fast-growing body representing football in general in India and growing their presence on the world-stage.  “FIFCO represents an integral part of our growth both in country and abroad, by bring the corporates back to the grass-roots of the game and growing the interest within the corporate community in India,” said Satish the head of the Global Soccer Conclave.

Directly from the city of Cork the Cork Business League, Ireland’s oldest and longest surviving corporate league becomes the official FIFCO representative in Ireland. “We have been discussing with Albert and his team for several years, and we finally decided it was the right move for us to get involved on the global scale. Our teams and our corporates are eyeing their opportunity to travel and to see the world while promoting their corporate values,” said Peter Travers, Secretary General of the Cork Business League.

Portugal is not only known for Porto wine and Cristiano Ronaldo, but also equally known for the fine tradition in Corporate Football.  With several leagues growing in Lisbon and across the country, one brave company is looking at bringing the companies together into a national championship to qualify for future tournaments. “It was obvious to us that brining our clients together onto a football pitch, travel to new destinations and to promote corporate well-being, that FIFCO was our only way into this international forum,” said Francisco Ortigão, the newest Country Director for Portugal.

Morocco is back in the ranks of FIFCO with its newest member to take over the reins of the north African country.  The Réseau Marocain du Sport Corporatif et des Services Publiques becomes the official representative in Morocco with a full mandate from the Moroccan Ministry of Sports. “We are delighted to see this project finally coming to light, through our affiliation with FIFCO and with our Ministry, we have many projects in store for the development in our country,” said Said El-Basri, the newest Country Director for Morocco.

These newest members allow FIFCO to keep growing their influence around the globe and to continue to bring continuity to the sport. “As we keep growing, we will be able to offer more services, more tournaments and many more opportunities for companies to exchange, build new bridges, new horizons, all through the beautiful game,” concluded Mr. Zbily, President of FIFCO.