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Montreal (CA); The International Federation of Corporate Football (FIFCO), the world governing body of corporate football concluded its 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) with a new momentum and a new wind in this virtual meeting.  FIFCO has decided to reform its membership structure to give more powers to the local organisers and to encourage new organisations to join the worldwide governing body.

“The need to reform was very important, and coming off this pandemic, it was highly necessary to prepare all our members to be ready for the restart, once we return to the game,” said Albert Zbily, president of FIFCO.

The new reform will permit other corporate league organisers to join FIFCO and allow their company client teams to qualify for future World Corporate Champions Cup tournaments.  The new structure will recognise Full members and Affiliate members at the same time within the same country and will allow for FIFCO to accommodate many more organisations into the federation.

“This is a good way for us to accommodate many other participants in our country, we are delighted to see this new initiative come forward,” said Franck Ramazani, head of the Congo Corporate Football Association.

The members have also adopted other resolutions on future tournaments and locations. “The pandemic has brought us ever so closer, and has given us new energy and new spirit to work closer together and to build on our previous successes,” said Paulo Canuto of Cape Vede.

FIFCO also confirmed the addition of new members to the federation Bangladesh, Brunei, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Colombia, Maldives, Malta, Saudi Arabia, Uganda and Ukraine.  Many of these countries will now sit on technical committees and commence on building new policies to allow members to benefit from each other’s best practices.

“We are very conscious of the needs of our members and we will work with them in 2021 and into the future, to make sure that they succeed and overcome the economic hardships this pandemic has caused us,” said newly appointed Vice-President of Finance, John Kamariaris.

FIFCO invites all those interested to get involved with the organisation to get in touch with the head office and start the process of getting your league or championship recognised by the largest corporate footballing governing body, via its website at